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For a quarter century I’ve been teaching people on how to do all kinds of things. I just never thought of myself as a ‘coach.’ Some of those lessons were disruptive and DEstructive, especially in my angry-young-man stage. I know, personally, how difficult it can be to change the status quo. My mission, now, is to help you find CONstructive ways to disrupt old models and ways of doing things: within yourself, your family, your community, your workplace and business, and in the world at large.I’ve been challenging the status quo my entire life. My favorite question is “Why is it that way?” My second favorite question is, “Can’t we do it better?” The answer to that question? “OF COURSE WE CAN! WHY THE FUCK NOT?"

What is ‘Disruption?' Anything that shakes up the status quo in a positive way. If you are tired of the ‘way things are’ and want to change the world, you are a disruptor.

Being 'Right' Ain't the Same Thing as 'Being Effective'

Wanna be Both?

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