There are some people, when you first meet them, that you just know are gonna kick some ass in life.

My guest this week on Second Breakfast with Steve, is one of those people.

When I met John Hungerford on the Anchor App a few weeks ago, I was immediately struck by how driven he was, and the overall clarity he possessed about his mission in life.

Now, this isn’t all that amazing, in and of itself, but John is only 23 years old.

Hell, if I had gotten my shit together at 23, who knows where I might be right now—not that I play such ‘what if’ games with my mind, I don’t. But what John knows about self awareness, meditation, and business, is astounding at such a young age. He reads voraciously and meditates in leu of sleeping—well, not entirely, but he doesn’t sleep much!

He is in the process of publishing what will probably become—when he’s old enough to have written such a thing—his memoirs. Part 1 of his book, Trust Truth: How Building Self-Awareness Helped Me Escape the 9 to 5 to Live the Life I Love, is now available on Amazon—(it’s currently FREE), and is a very interesting read.

If you want to know why a young man—who was originally driven by nothing more than the pursuit of money, so much so, that he went to the trouble of obtaining a degree in marketing and finance—walked away from his first real job as an accountant for a large firm—after just two weeks at work—to pursue self awareness through meditation and spiritual practices so that he could teach this to other young people who would then become the new paradigm of self-aware-business leaders, then you don’t want to miss this episode!


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