Has your life become too complicated?

Part III, Sustainable Shire Living

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Is the stress of trying to make ends meet, to pay bills, to keep up with what modern consumer society says you’re supposed to be affecting your peace of mind? Are you worried about the state of the world? Do poverty, greed, corruption, violence, intolerance, debt, our poisoned food supply, soaring health care costs, and the looming effects of climate change leave you feeling depressed and powerless? How can one person hope to have an effect on such massive problems?

Do you sometimes dream of escaping through a magical door into the Shire and living in a Hobbit-hole? Does a simplified lifestyle focused on second breakfasts, long-awaited parties, friends, family, and hospitality seem more attractive than the three car garage and the McMansion? Then this is the book for you.

In Sustainable Shire Living: How to Be a Hobbit and Make Your House a Hole, Part III of Be a Hobbit, Save the Earth, Steve Bivans tells you how to destroy your metaphorical ‘Ring’ discussed in Part II, and transform yourself from Homo Sapiens to Homo Hobbitla, from human to Hobbit, by changing your world-view from one of ownership of the Earth, to living sustainably on the Earth.

Steve guides you along the path of that mental transformation–which is surprisingly simple–and then shifts the focus from mind and body to show you how to transform your living space–whether that be a house, an apartment, or a condo–into a Modern Hobbit-hole! Steve walks you room by room through your home and out into your yard, drawing attention to the many orcish, Sarumanic things making your spaces cluttered, stressful, and unsustainable, and gives you practical advice and alternative solutions. How can you reduce plastics in your home and kitchen? How can you reduce your transportation impact and costs? How can you save money, AND save the Earth? And most importantly, how you can save the Earth just by eating and cooking real food for your family. Food is at the heart of Be a Hobbit, and is the lynchpin in solving many of the world’s problems. And is there anything more Hobbity than food? Probably not.

Can you Be a Hobbit? Absolutely! The only requirement is to want to be one, and to work gradually to live more like Sam Gamgee and less like an orc. Saving the Earth will give you the steps to begin that process. You can be a Hobbit hero, like Bilbo and Frodo! YOU can Save the Earth!