Looking for creative and fun ways to live more like a Hobbit and less like an Orc? This is the place! Follow the links below to find what you need, or do a search on the right, over there…

Hobbit Mama’s Shire-friendly Recipes and Resources

The following are the recipes and resources mentioned in the book for cleaning up your Hobbit-hole. You can thank Patience for much of this—as I have—because she did a lot of the research to find these alternatives to which she has added her own twists.

Hobbiton General Store

Here you will find the various resources mentioned in the book according to topic. I plan to put this up to www.stevebivans.com soon, so that it can be updated continuously with new resources and ideas for the modern Hobbit.

Bilbo’s Bookshelf: Sustainable Books, Articles and Educational Resources

Books, article, and other written materials to help you live like a Hobbit: happier, healthier, more productive, and more sustainably.