Do you worry about the state of the world?

Part IV, Exporting Shireness

Part IV, Exporting Shireness on Amazon!

about poverty, greed, corruption, violence, intolerance, education, our food supply, health care, overpopulation, and climate change? Do you sometimes secretly wish that you could walk through a mirror into Tolkien’s Middle Earth and not come back? Or maybe just spend an extended vacation there? Would you rather fight some orcs, slay a dragon, or destroy a magical ring, than finish that report for work? Would you rather be saving the Earth like Frodo and Sam? Well, you can!

In Exporting Shireness: Building the Global Shire, Part IV of Be a Hobbit, Save the Earth, Steve Bivans explains, step-by-step, in very practical, no nonsense ways, how we can take the Modern Hobbit mentality developed in Part III, beyond our own homes–our metaphorical ‘Hobbit-holes’–out into our neighborhood Shires, to revolutionize the way we think about government, business, education, health-care, and our food systems, on a national and international level. He argues that while new technologies–the products of modern Gandalfs and Radagasts–can help us to solve some of these problems, the real solutions are in our own minds. If we can just destroy our old mindset–our Ring–there are no problems too big to overcome, together as Modern Hobbits.

You CAN solve the world’s problems. Will you? Will you take your modern Ring to the fires of Mount Doom and toss it in? Or will you hide it away, ‘secret and safe,’ content to be a comfortable, respectable Hobbit, waiting for the Saurons and Sarumans of this world to finish burning down your Shire. The power is in your hands. What will you do with it?