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“Once every 5-10 years a book comes along with the potential to change life as we understand it. When such a book is embraced for the message the pages hold for the reader, both a movement and a best-seller are born! The End of Fear Itself is just such a book.” – Bobby Kountz, BSN, Writer, Speaker, Coach, Consultant

Why is it so hard to succeed in life?

Why is the World so Messed Up?End of Fear COVER version 5

  • Are you pursuing your dreams? Or is there something you’re not doing, right now, that you really want to do, feel you should do, or need to do to achieve success in some area of your life? In your work, your business, your love life, your relationships, your mental & physical well-being?
  • Why aren’t you doing it?
  • Is it a Fear of Failure?
  • Do you fear that you’re not qualified, knowledgeable enough, smart enough, or strong enough to be successful?
  • Are you afraid of criticism? Are you worried that the people around you, your family, your friends, will not support your goals?
  • Is success just too difficult to achieve? Is the process just too long, or do you not know where to start?
  • Would you love to make a difference in the world, but think that the problems are too many, too complicated?
  • Is violence, poverty, greed, environmental destruction just Human Nature?

In The End of Fear Itself, you’ll discover the secret behind all the World’s problems, and YOUR problems: Fear Itself.

We’ll explode the 5 Biggest Myths about the World’s Problems:

  1. There are too many problems, and they’re too complicated.
  2. Fear is Just Human Nature.
  3. A Little Fear is a Good Thing.
  4. There are too many Fears; we’ll never sort them all out.
  5. One person can never hope to End Fear, or solve the World’s problems.

These are all myths. They are untrue beliefs, and they all have one root: Fear.

Why is Fear so Important?

Fear is the root of all violence, poverty, racism, greed, ignorance, depression, anxiety, stress, negative self-talk, and every other conceivable problem.

Any Fear beyond those that keep us from getting hit by a car, jumping into a raging river, or kissing cobras, is destructive.

It’s time to bring about the End of Fear Itself. If we don’t number its days, it will number ours.


And THANKS for your help in ridding the World of Fear Itself!