Anno Draconis: The Viking Saga of Litt Ormr
Series: Draconis, Book 1
Genre: historical fiction
Tags: carolingians, historical fiction, history, vikings
Publisher: Shireness Publishing
Book one (The Year of the Dragon) is the epic saga of a Viking warrior, Sigurd. Driven from his home, haunted by demons, bent upon vengeance and destruction, he smashes his way over mountains and seas, leaving wreck and ruin in his wake. But he will never outrun the dragon...
About the Book

The Draconis saga (early 2018)

is gonna be an epic historical-fiction series, based on a Viking character, named Sigurd, nicknamed, Lit Ormr, which is Old Norse for ‘little dragon.’

I say historical-fiction, because the main character will travel through historical lands. I will not make up major events, or alter them in any significant way, if at all.

I am a lover of history. I abhor when historical-fiction authors think they have to change facts to tell a story. I disagree vehemently. There is always enough empty space in the historical record of any period, to weave in fiction characters, without altering the facts as we know them. If facts are inconvenient to the story, then leave them out, walk your characters around them, but by all means, do not change them.

There is simply no need, unless you’re writing alternative history, which is another thing altogether, in my mind. It’s fine to ask, what would have happened if Germany had won WWII? for example. But if you’re writing about what actually happened, then leave the facts as they are and fit your story onto those dry and dusty bones. In other words, don’t fuck up my history man.

While I’m a fan of history, all periods, a fan of Tolkien’s fantasy world, and of some sci-fi movies and shows—I’m a huge fan of Firefly—I have no intention of setting up a house within any genre of writing with this series, as I never do with anything else. I abhor boxes of all kinds. I’m not a genre writer. It’s fine if some people are. But I’m not interested in adding another title to the end of my name. Steve Bivans, historical fiction writer… Nope.

Before the series is finished, Sigurd will encounter magic, elements of fantasy, even what some would call science fiction, though I won’t call it that. You won’t get a glimpse of any of that in this introduction. But don’t worry, I’m not gonna send Lit Ormr off in a spaceship to land on Middle Earth, ride on the back of Aslan, or ride a train to Hogwarts. It’s not that kind of story.

It will be a story about magic, more so than fantasy or science fiction.


Because medieval Scandinavians, some of whom were pirates, men who went i-viking, believed that the world was, indeed, a magical place, filled with monsters like Grendel, dragons, Frost Giants, ravenous demon wolves, and a serpent that encircled the Earth. These were not myths, as we understand them in the modern world; they were real, at least in the minds of most inhabitants of Northern Europe. It is that sense of magic that I hope to capture in this series.

The world of the Vikings was not only magical; it was also a world of scarcity, fear, and violence. That fear of scarcity is, in large part, what drove them to the shores of Anglo-Saxony and Francia at the end of the eighth and beginning of the ninth century. The Franks and Anglo-Saxons had wealth, both physical—land, food, manpower—and symbolic: silver and gold, and the Vikings wanted it, and were willing to go to great lengths to obtain it. If they could trade for it, they did. If they could simply take it, they did that, too.

You will find all of that in the Draconis series. I promise.

Before it’s over, we’re gonna journey to some strange and distant places.

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