Okay guys, this is gonna be the shortest thing I’ve ever written, most likely.

If you love what I do, whether that be the articles I write, my books, the Second Breakfast show, the recipes, whatever, then please consider becoming a monthly Patron and support me–at whatever level you can–on Patreon.

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a fairly new crowdfunding site. If you remember my Kickstarter campaign for Be a Hobbit, that was crowdfunding. Most crowdfunding is designed to help create one big project, like a book, or movie, or music album, or new technology or games.

Patreon is a little different, in that it’s about supporting the artist, not a particular project. Instead of a one-time, big contribution, on Patreon you pledge a monthly amount to support all the work that I do. If you think of pledging to public radio, or television, you’ll be close to the mark. In return, you’ll get behind the scenes looks at everything I do, special deals on my Bivansian Gear, and a bunch of other cool shit. That’s basically how it works.IMG_3832

I love what I do, but it doesn’t come free. I spend a shitload of time working on all my articles, videos, and the audio recordings. If you love me, and you do, or you wouldn’t still be reading this crap; give me some money already, and let’s get back to the fun stuff.