Hello Friends!

Big news!

Yesterday, during the first day of the Free Promo, The End of Fear Itself, hit

#1 in two categories!

number one on Amazon

As of this morning, it’s listed as #2 in one of them, and has steadily climbed up into the TOP 1000 on all of Amazon’s Free Store! Early this morning it was at 867! Currently, it’s at 954! It fluxates a bit, but has been climbing since the book officially launched yesterday.


Let’s Get it into the TOP 100!

The next goal, today, is to get it into the Top 100 of all of Amazon’s Free Store! Then I will switch the book over to the paid side, at $.99 until just after Christmas Day, so it will be available for you to purchase as a ‘gift’ to send to your friends and family that don’t already have a copy! If you don’t have yours, GET IT TODAY FOR FREE! And pass the word!

A couple of things you can share with your circle today:

My good friend, Bobby Kountz, posted a very cool wave on Anchor yesterday. He read  the beginning of the Introduction to the book! You can listen to it right here, and share it on your social media!


Brett and Tristan over at The Crucial Team, posted another snippet of the interview I did with them a few weeks ago! It’s short, and is on the topic of the 5 Myths about the World’s Problems, part of the introduction to the book.

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