Hi y’all,

Yeah, I know. I’ve abandoned you for a while now.

Sorry for that. I’ve been very engaged lately, especially with the book. Time is running short to get it done, and I’ve run into some snags. That’s normal, but it’s frustrating as hell.

I’ve been slogging through one of those snags the last couple days.

I’ve also been taking some time away from everything else.img_6890

Duke, his grandfather, and I went out of town last week for a couple of days, to Blue Mound State Park, down in the South-West corner of the state. It’s a preserved prairie, with a herd of bison on it. It was very beautiful, even though most of the leaves on the few trees had already been blown into Iowa, just a few miles to the South.

Sorry this post isn’t particularly enlightening. Quite frankly, my brain is kind of numb at the moment: too much thinkin’. Over-thinking, for sure.

The book is gonna be great. It’s not great, yet, though. Still a lot of work to do on it to get it to that point, but I think I’m rounding the corner.

I’m still looking for the right story to open up the introduction. I’m gonna pose that one as a question for my brain before I go to sleep tonight. Maybe my subconscious will find it banging around in my skull somewhere.

Squishy Kitty is sitting on the desk with me, staring at me, wondering why I’m wasting time looking at a box with no smell (the laptop).

Anyway, won’t waste a lot of time tonight. I’ll try to get back to blogging every day, soon, maybe tomorrow. Do keep an eye out for an article on my Launch Team for The End of Fear Itself. I need you to help me put the book to the top of Amazon’s best-seller lists. WE can do it, but it will take just a little help from all of you.

I’ll be putting out an official request for the team, probably this Sunday.


Thanks guys! See y’all tomorrow.

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