I am kickin’ some ASS today!

Yeah, I said it. Deal with it.

Got a bunch of runnin’ around done this morning, and things are just flowing along nicely. Hell the sun even came out! We had a hell of a thunderstorm last night and this morning. Shitloads of rain.

I went to go get some charcoal and apple wood for the ribs, earlier, at our local hardware store. I love the place, because it’s close, and small. I fuckin’ hate the big box stores. We have one here in the Twin Cities, called Menard’s (I call it McNard’s), and it’s so fuckin’ huge that it takes an hour to go there, no matter what you’re going to get. They have GROCERIES! And if that wasn’t stupid enough, they also have ROMANCE NOVELS!

Yeah, that’s what I said, romance novels. What the fuck?

Anyway, I went to Frattalone’s Ace Hardware instead. I also was hoping to find some tiki torches for Middle Earth Day on Saturday. I walked in, the dude at the counter asked me if he could help me find something, and I looked right in front of me, and there was a whole fuckin’ display of torches! Hell yeah! And the charcoal was right next to them! A few steps down an aisle right inside the door, and I had the apple wood.

DONE! It took like 5 minutes, including the conversation I had with Mary Jo and Kim, the two ladies at the register, about BBQ ribs and biscuits. That’s how you run a fuckin’ hardware store!

Anyway, I then went to Oxendale’s Grocery, not too far from the house–a small, local grocery store–picked up some organic apple cider vinegar, and popped back to Bag End to do some BBQ prep.

Making BBQ Sauce!

I cranked up a new mix on Spotify, I called ‘Hell Yeah Motivation Mix’, danced around the kitchen with no shirt on, while I made some Landlubber and Blackbeard’s No Quarter Sauce for the BBQ’d pulled pork my best friend, James, is making for the party. making BBQ sauceThen I rocked out while I removed the membranes from 10 racks of baby back ribs, and scored another 4 or 5 racks of spare ribs that my friend, Todd, donated to the party.

I’ll pick up Paysh at 5, then we’re going to Mississippi Market, to pick up some more stuff, probably the liquor store, too, then come home so she can help me rub my meat–that’s the ribs, you gutter-minded readers–and then she’s gonna make a mess of her Shire-Taters for the party, and store them at a friend’s house, since our fridge is fuckin’ jammed with bloody meat.

That’s my day so far.

Hope y’all’s is great, too!

See y’all tomorrow!

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