Hello Friends,

It’s another Friday afternoon, and it’s been a very engaged week (not busy).

While it started off with plenty of things on my Get to Do List, one of those exploded into a flurry of activity, due to some unexpected news.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but one of my dreams is to build a very large, urban farm on the West Side of St. Paul. This is part of my life mission to build Shireness, and to bring Spring again to the trees. The same mission is what propelled me to take the job of manager of the farmers market.

At the center of our world’s problems, is the food we eat. Our food system is really fucked up, as most of my readers already know. One of my missions is to do my part to clean that up, if only in my own neighborhood and city. If we can do that here, then it will be a model that other cities can follow.

Anyway, I reignited the project idea last week, and set a meeting with myself and two friends, to meet this week and go look at a large piece of property on the Mississippi River, just across from downtown St. Paul.

Two of us managed to find time to do that on Wednesday.

We walked all over the abandoned site–which is owned by a holding company–a brownfield (it was a fire extinguisher company site, and the ground has toxins in it). While this doesn’t seem like a prime spot for a farm, there are cities all over America turning such land into urban farms, so it is possible.

After dreaming and planning for about an hour or so, I sent my friend, Jessy, home with her homework: draw up some visuals that will help us sell the idea to the powers that be: an uphill battle, for sure.

But then synchronicity intervened.

The next morning, on Thursday, I got up to find a Facebook event invite from the chair of our local, neighborhood organization to a meeting next Tuesday night to discuss city plans to create a ‘greenway’ on the very site where Jessy and I had stood the day before!urban farm

So, that occasioned a lot of restructuring my day, and week, to put a fire under my peeps, and look for more information, and reach out to people I know in the food system, who have dealt with such issues in the past.

It’s been a very engaged week, for sure, and my brain is a bit tired, and sore, but excited.

At the same time, I’ve been promoting, and organizing an event at the Farmers Market this Saturday: Best Side Day, a celebration of all the diversity on the West Side.

And next Saturday is Middle Earth Day, so we’ve been making plans and getting ready for that epic party, here at Bag End.

Anyway, that’s some of the stuff I’ve been  engaged with this week, on my Get to Do List!

See y’all, tomorrow afternoon!

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