Hi Y’all,

I’ve been really engaged in some cool things this week.

I’ve had to say, ‘no’ to some things, so I could say ‘yes’ to others.

Things are shaping up on a couple of projects, but big questions on others. The book is coming along, but a lot of Gordian Knots to chop through in the next couple weeks, and then back to writing and filling in the cracks and linking it all together.

The coaching business is coming together, actually have 3 or 4 new clients this week, it looks like. Looking forward to helping them along their path, and learning from them at the same time. They’re all people out there trying to shake up the status quo, so that’s exciting.

Just got home from DeGidio’s where we had dinner. It was very good. Now I’m full of fuckin’ pasta, and ready to read then crash out and do it all again tomorrow!

Tomorrow I have an appointment with a couple of ladies in the neighborhood that want to work on a huge, urban ag project, and a coaching session with my coach, Bobby Kountz!

See y’all tomorrow, when I’ll share some more updates on End of Fear Itself!


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