I have no fuckn’ clue what I’m gonna write today.

It’s been a weird couple of days, and the dog shit n crackers have been a spinnin’. No doubt about it.

I have about 40 minutes to kill, writing, that is. So, here I am, writing about having nothing to write about. I do this shit a lot, but not usually straight into the blog like this.

But, why the fuck not?

Let’s see where this goes, if anywhere. I have a coaching session with a client in about an hour, walking him through using WordPress. He’s never done it before, so that should be interesting, and fun. He’s a pretty awesome guy, friend, and my coach, so it’ll be fun I’m sure.

After that, it’s picking up Paysh from work, and getting ready for the market on Saturday.

I love this time of year. The weather cools off, so I don’t have to sweat my balls off at work in a kilt. I get to see all my favorite people in the neighborhood, and all the vendors, who are amazing.

I was talking with one them them last week, Ben, about how awesome the experience was. I told him that I had been to several farmers market conferences, and one the the topics that always comes up is how to deal with conflict at your market. 10533445_1026112127433139_4476755078634382171_n

Conflict? What conflict? We just don’t have it. Yeah, occasionally you might have a customer with a grumpy attitude, but they don’t last long at my market! Hell no, that would be swimming upstream!

My vendors smile too much to keep a frown on your face for long. Most people who come in a bad mood are transformed in minutes, or they leave. And the vendors always work together with an attitude of cooperation, even if they’re competing. I love my job.

Anyway, I’m just rambling, and not many of you will read this probably, but if you’re out there, I hope you have a great weekend!

See y’all tomorrow evening!

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