Hi Y’all,

It’s been a great Saturday in the Shire: St. Paul’s West Side. Started the morning off with a fun day at work: The West Side Farmers Market, where we had music, food, and sunshine all morning.

I”m back home, now, and back in the kilt getting ready to head down to what I call, The Ivy Bush, my local, hobbit drinking hole: the Wabasha Brewing Company, which is only 2 block from my house, just down the hill from Bag End.

wabasha brewing company

My 100th Mug of Beer!

I’m headed down there to hit another milestone in beer-drinking.

Since the brewery opened about a year and a half ago, I’ve been the leading beer-drinker in their Mug Club. I hit 100 mugs of beer last week, but was informed by Tiki, one of the owners, that 107 beers was equivalent to an entire KEG of beer!

So, I have a new goal. It’s good to have goals in life, I’m told.

I’m currently at 103 beers. I have only 4 left, to reach the magical number.

So, until tomorrow, CHEERS!

I’ll have a full report soon.

See y’all tomorrow!

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