Hi y’all,

I could post another excerpt from The End of Fear again this evening, but I don’t want to put up another, rough draft like yesterday, so I’m gonna work on it some more before I lay it on ya.

The last few days I’ve been reading The One Thing, one thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan, and I have to say, it’s pretty kick ass. It’s all about doing the thing that matters, and letting the rest of it slip away, or at least doing all that, AFTER you’ve finished doing what really matters. Keller argues that by focusing on the One Thing that we need to really get done each day, that we ensure that success is coming.

I like it. Of course, I’ve oversimplified his thesis and advice. It doesn’t mean that we only do one thing each day, but that we make sure we do the one thing for each of our areas of our life, before we start checking off boxes of less significant shit.

So, I’m gonna go sit down in my big chair, with my Kindle and my legal pad and clipboard, and get to work on narrowing down what my One Thing is.

You should totally check out the book, unless you already have all your shit in order?

Yeah, I didn’t think so…

By the way, this is Day 22 of the reboot of my Year Long Daily Blog Thingy…

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