Do you think there’s just too much advice out there on how to be successful?

Are you suffering from what psychologists call Decision Paralysis as a result?

I fuckin’ am.

Decision Paralysis and the Road to Success

I’ve been on a journey of self-development and discovery for a very long time. Sometimes I took a break in a local pub and stayed there for a few years, mind you, but I’ve always returned to the road again to figure out just why the fuck I’m here on this planet, and what the hell I should be doing.decision paralysis

I’ve had some success with those questions, but I am still a work in progress, even if I help other people on the way.

But here’s a real problem with looking for the best advice on self-awareness, development, whateverthefuckyouwannacallit; it leads to decision paralysis.

It’s like standing in the beer cooler in one of these massive liquor stores we have up here in the Twin Cities, where they have 4 fuckin’ gazillion brands and types of beer on the wall. Take one down, pass it around, and they’ve come up with another gazillion before you finish fuckin’ drinking it. So you never reach the end of the song.

So you’re standing there, staring at all of this beer, and what should take like 30 seconds, ends up taking all summer: deciding what beer to buy.

The same goes for self-help advice. There’s shit-tons of it out here on the interweb, but which guru should you follow? Whose advice is really the ‘key to success, or love, or happiness?’ Hell if I know! It boggles the mind after awhile.

It’s not that a lot of it isn’t good advice; much of it is. But where do you start? Which advice do you take first? How do you know what are really the most essential steps to take?

The brain just shuts down after awhile, and says, “Fuck it!” I mean, how many apps and lists and books of advice can we follow at one time? It’s tough to choose, and that leads back to decision paralysis again.

The Essential Rules for Success?

What I’m proposing to do, as part of my research on The End of Fear Itself, is to try to boil down all of the best advice I can find, into a handful of really essential rules or guidelines, or reminders, to give us all at least a starting point from which to work. A lot of what I read, here, and see out there is great, but I think a lot of it is redundant, or can be categorized into a handful of key categories of rules or whatever.

So, I’m gonna work on that. I started making some notes this afternoon, but it’s gonna take awhile, I’m sure, for me to really begin to boil them down. I might drop a note here in a some blog posts when I find a particularly important nugget of advice that I think should be included, but I’ll try to create a longer post once I have them boiled down. It might be a chapter for the new book, or it  might turn into a book unto itself, or just a one-pager that I give away to the world. Who knows.

See y’all tomorrow!

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