Hi Y’all,

Just a short drop in post for this Sunday.

My girlfriend, Paysh, makes the best French silk pie on Earth. I mean it’s just amazing, silky, creamy–real cream, and the crust is flakey, and buttery and yummy.french silk pie

The best part? She let’s me lick all the beaters, and spatulas during the process, and there’s always some filling left over at the end that I get to scoop up.

It makes me smile, laugh, and giggle, and I’m fuckin’ five years old again. My mom didn’t really make French silk pies, but she did make fudge, and brownies, and pudding, and cakes, and they had a similar effect on me.

So, I’m just dropping in to say that my advice for today, is to find a few things that make you five all over again, and eat the hell out of them, or do them, or whatever.

Life’s too short not to be five years old, often.

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