[Below are a few rough thoughts from The End of Fear Itself, on solutions to Fear. Enjoy]

Compassion and Generosity

Compassion for others gets us out of our own heads, and puts our focus on the pain, suffering, and Fears of others.

When we do that, our Fears subside, if only for awhile. But that break from them, I think, is important, because it lets us know that our Fear is really just fearing, the verb. If we aren’t fearing, even for a short time, then it means that it isn’t a noun, a permanent thing that we have to carry around with us.

At the same time we’re doing good for someone else, and that creates a positive karma loop that comes right back to us. it makes us feel better, too, like we have a purpose in life, not just to be afraid.

Generosity, a close companion to Compassion, works in much the same way. compassion and generosity

It distracts the mind from our worries, and focuses it on those of others, and at the same time gives them something they need, while reminding us of the abundance we already have. This gratitude for what we already have is something that goes a long way to undermining our Fear of Scarcity, and is the Holy Grail to Happiness.

When we realize that we have more than someone else, and that in reality, we have a great deal, we can share it without endangering our own survival. In fact, the more you share, the more you will have. This is the Law of Attraction. We don’t have to hoard our wealth, our time, or affection, love. We can give it away freely, and expect it to return to us.

See y’all next time…

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