Hi Y’all,

Here’s my lame-assed post for Day 2 of the Daily blog thingy.

It was a lazy Monday, for the most part.

I took Paysh to work, come home, took a nap for an hour, then helped fix Duke’s computer. Then he and I went to play golf at the Par 3, which was fun, especially since it was his first time on a golf course.

We came home, I took another nap, with Bubble, then got up, sat around for a bit, did some dishes, with Duke, picked up Paysh from work, went to El Burrito Mercado to get some salsa & tortillas and stuff, came home, watched Castle, then the new episode of Inspector Lewis, and now I’m writing this before I go to bed.

Sorry it isn’t particularly riveting, or insightful, but it’s all I’ve got today.

See y’all tomorrow.

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