I failed at the Daily Blog Challenge Thingy.

I was just over 1/4 of the way there: 94 days, but I didn’t post a blog article yesterday, Saturday, August 6th. I posted nothing, and therefore I’ve failed my attempt at blogging every day for a year straight.fail and reboot

I have to face that fact.

I woke up at about 5:30 this morning to that realization. I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t written and posted anything the day before. That fuckin’ sucked.

And now I’m faced with a few options. Here they are, as I see them:

  1. Quit. I could just throw in the towel and admit defeat, go back to writing articles whenever I feel like it. I don’t really like that option, mainly because I fuckin’ hate admitting defeat, and I really hate quitting.
  2. Cheat. I could write or post something today and figure out some tricky way to backdate the post to make it look like I posted it yesterday. But that would be cheating, would fool some people–possibly–but it would never fool me, and I’m really the only one who gives a damn.
  3. Make excuses. I could come up with several reasons–some valid, some ridiculously lame–why I failed to post something yesterday, but that would be pathetic in the extreme, and I’m not really in to making excuses, so that one is out. Plus the real reason I didn’t do it, is because I didn’t have a mechanism to remind me to write something before bed, a timer or something. I don’t usually rely on such things, which is why I didn’t have one, but at the end of the day, I was to blame for not remembering to do it.
  4. Compensate. I could write two or more posts and post them today to make up for my failure to do so yesterday. I actually considered this one, because I hate to fail, but even if I wrote a thousand posts today, or this week, it would not change the fact that I have a gap in my timeline, and that I did not write and post an article on Saturday. Nothing can change that at this point. The goal of the challenge was to post one article, every day, consecutively, for one year, not to post 365 articles during a year. So this option is not open to me, since I defined the goal at the beginning.
  5. Start over. I hate this fuckin’ option, but I think it’s the only one left to me at this point. I won’t quit, because that’s to admit defeat. Cheating is fucking pathetic. Excuses even more so, and trying to compensate is just changing the rules to suit the facts. So I will begin again, at Day One.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

I failed. Oh well. It isn’t the first or last time that’s gonna happen. I know that’s true. Failing is fine; being a Failure isn’t. The only way to become a noun–Failure–is to quit trying. A part of me always wants to bash myself over the head with my failings. But I’m working on not doing that, these days. So, I’ll just have to pick myself up and start over again.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter that much. I had no intention of stopping the Daily Blog Thingy when I got to May 4th, 2017, anyway. I fully intended to just keep writing and posting every day. So, I’ll just start counting again, right now.

If you’re faced with a failing, a stumble along the road to success, just pick your ass up and move on. Whining and crying about it ain’t gonna do you any good, and most people don’t really give a shit anyway. Maybe someone close to you will sympathize and allow you to take one of the first four options above: Quitting, Cheating, Excusing, or Compensating. But you will always know that you didn’t really accomplish your goal the right way, the way you defined it.

Starting Over Isn’t Starting Over: Fail and Reboot

Just because you failed somewhere along the path to your goal, doesn’t mean you are starting over from scratch. You can’t actually do that anyway. You have learned a shitload of stuff on the way to that failing, and you can’t unlearn it. You can ignore what you learned and not apply it, but that would be fuckin’ stupid.

Just because I didn’t write and post an article yesterday, doesn’t mean that I forgot how to do it every day, or at all. The lessons I’ve learned during the process of writing blog posts for almost 100 days, didn’t disappear. So I’m not starting from the beginning, in that respect. I just have to start counting the days again; I’m not getting a fuckin’ lobotomy.

The Moral of the Story…

Whatever you do in life, JUST DON’T GIVE UP. If there’s anything to learn, it’s that. Just keep going. The only way to truly fail, is to quit, cheat, make excuses, or come up with some bullshit compensation for stumbling. Fuck that shit. Everyone stumbles. Just don’t lie down.

This is Day One, again, of my Year Long, Daily Blog Thingy: 2nd Attempt

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