[This is a draft from my upcoming book, The End of Fear Itself]

How do we know that not taking a risk to follow our dreams isn’t actually riskier?

What about the road you DIDN’T take? danger of reality

How do you know that sitting still is safer than moving? Fire and maneuver my friend. Sitting still is death. Just ask any veteran about that one. How do we know that being afraid is less risky than being courageous?

We don’t. We can’t. The answers are in the Future that we can never see, because it doesn’t exist, and never will.

All we can do is right now, here.

We can act, or not act, but either one is a decision. Don’t think for a second that you’re putting off making a decision by choosing not to do something. Choosing is a decision, and every choice comes with unforeseen consequences: every one. And you have no idea what those are going to be.

Wouldn’t it be better, for the sake of our life’s story, to say that when faced with decisions, we just chose, and moved on? We sucked up Courage in the face of Fear, spat in that bastard’s eye, and did what we wanted to do? How is that not always a better choice than cowering in your easy chair, wishing and wondering what your life might be like if you could only find a safe way to achieve your dreams.

There are no fucking safe paths; there are only paths.

Choose one, and Go!

Fear and the Danger of Reality

Fear creates its own reality, a false one, a negative one, and attracts more of the same. Such a ‘reality’ is simply an excuse for mediocrity.

To give into our Fear is to doom ourselves to  the path of mediocrity, a sort of living death. That’s the real danger of reality.

If we give up on our dreams, are we not already dead?
Many people give up on them when they’re 25, die, and wait around to 80 to be buried. They are zombies, in the real sense of the word.

The fear of the unknown drives much of this, a sense of insecurity, but it creates a box of so-called ‘reality,’ that traps us. Fuck the box. Burn the box down and toss the ashes to the wind. Realism is for the weak. Safety is for the weak. And they are both illusions.

We create our own reality. To give into reality, as it exists now, is mediocrity. Nothing great was ever created by being realistic. Sir Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, and Genghis Khan, all have one thing in common; they ignored Reality, and created a new one. If you aren’t doing the same, why not? Fear is why.

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