Everyone has to believe in something; I believe I’ll have a beer, or two…

It’s been a pretty good week, so far. I’ve been getting ready for the market, tomorrow. I’m also mentally preparing for a summer camp that I run every August, for the Oakeshott Institute in Minneapolis: Viking Warrior Camp!

It’s for kids from 7-14, and we do all kinds of cool stuff, like throw axes, spears, sword fighting, making shields, helmets, and stuff like that. Also, I give rivoting lectures on Viking military and social history! The kids actually love them; go figure. I tried to threaten them last year, that if they didn’t start paying attention when we were doing fun stuff, that I would just lecture all day. They all said they loved my lectures… The threat was undermined.

This evening, Paysh is having some lady friends over for their monthly, West Side Wine Club, which is a really lame name, so I’ve started calling it the West Side Bacchae (If you didn’t get that joke, look it up). Menfolk are forbidden, unless they want to be gutted and eaten that is.

Well, my motto is, “When the Bacchae come to town, I go to the pub.”

I’m gonna hit the street, walk down the hill to my local brewery, me n tiki12108789_1705615569673536_1874989663379471190_nWabasha Brewing Company, which is just two blocks from my house. I know, you wish you were me. Tough shit.

You can always join me, though. I’ll be there this evening, from about 6:30 or so, for a couple of hours at least. Can’t stay too late, because 3:30am comes really fuckin’ early, and the farmers don’t wait for managers with hangovers.

See y’all there, or see you later!

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