What blocks you from achieving your dreams, your goals?

What’s the biggest success blocker in your life? Mine, I think, is the Fear of the Wolves outside the door, in the forest, around the corner, always running up behind me.

What Fuckin’ Wolves?

Let me explain. I–like many people these days–am plagued by financial debt. Thanks to my lack of success in the sphere of money, and many adult years in college and graduate school, I have managed to chalk up a lot of debts. And my income won’t touch them, not at present anyway.success blocker wolves of debt

Those debts are the Wolves of which I speak. Some days, when I’m feeling confident in my abilities, or I have enough money in the pocket to at least buy lunch and put some gas in the tank, I don’t hear them howling in the forest. They are at bay, if you will, for the moment.

But they are always out there, and all it takes to get them howling in my ear is the slightest rustle of wind in the trees: a letter from a debt collector, a word from a passing stranger about money troubles, anything related to debt and money.

Now, thanks to my good friend, Greg Dickson, I have put most of my angst towards money itself, to rest. I don’t think of money as an evil entity anymore. But the lack of money coming in creates a circular problem, thanks to the law of attraction (what you focus on, is what you get).

Of course, writing this article will probably bring me more lack of money, but what the fuck; I’m gonna write it anyway, because I hope to write myself out of that story, and into a new one. Also, I hope that by sharing my story, it might help you to get through a similar issue.

How Do the Wolves of Debt Become a Success Blocker?

There are at least a couple of ways that my debt wolves hinder my success.

One, as mentioned, they create a negative attraction loop, by focusing my mind upon what I don’t have, i.e. money, instead of allowing me to focus on the process of doing what I do, which will eventually bring me success.

Two, and what I’m here to talk more about today, is that the Fear of the Wolves of Debt creates a recurring Whirlpool of Piss surrounding the idea of Success.


Well, once the howling begins, my mind is distracted from my work, because I know I can’t pay those debts off, and that in order for that to ever happen, I’ll have to be very successful. A little bit of success won’t cut it. It’s like Tom Petty once sang, “Sometimes I feel, if I don’t win, How’m I gonna break even?” I’ve had that feeling for a very long time: decades actually.

Once you’ve managed to get into a big hole, all you see are the sides of the hole. It’s almost impossible to see the sun, except for certain times of the year, when it passes directly overhead. And while that view slowly expands as you claw your way up the sides, it doesn’t really open up until you’re near the top.

If you’re deep in the Forest of Goldilocks, Red-Riding Hood, and Hansel n Gretel, it’s hard to see anything but dark, foreboding trees, and hear anything but the howling of wolves, growling of bears, and the cackling of witches.

Some days you just can’t find the path through the forest, so you stop, dead in your tracks, wondering which way to turn next. And then you hear the Wolves again.

Lately, for me, I don’t spend too many days in the forest, which is a very good thing, because it sucks fuckin’ ass. But there are still days when it happens, when I find myself suddenly surrounded by trees, and hearing nothing but wolves. And that is not an enjoyable experience; nor is it productive. I get very little done when I’m dodging wolves, and that only increases their number and ferocity.

Inaction Feeds the Wolves of Debt.

I can’t kill wolves, if I’m sitting still in their forest. They will eat me alive if I don’t keep moving. “When you’re walking through Hell, just keep walking,” Winston Churchill once said, and can there be better advice? Probably not.

So here I am, writing about wolves, but not continuing to worry about them. Well, not too much I hope. Instead, I’m writing this little part of a larger chapter for the End of Fear Itself, which I hope will help you, and me, to put the axe to a few Wolves of Debt, or at least to our Fear of them.

If you find yourself in a similar Whirlpool of Fear, take heart that you’ve already been through many of them, and survived. It won’t kill you, as long as you don’t stop there, and keep moving. You don’t have to move very much, either. Just do something positive, however small it may be. Pay one bill, a small one. Gaze at one beautiful flower outside your window. Pet your dog, your cat–if they’ll let you (Squishy Kitty is actually sleeping next to me on my desk). Hug your wife, husband, children, and take a deep breath.

You’re gonna be okay.

Fear of wolves, or anything, only brings us more of what we don’t want. Fuck that. Practice some Gratitude, instead. It dispels all manner of beasties.

Let’s keep on trudging through Mirkwood Forest; put on our magic, invisibility ring, maybe sing a fuckin’ song or something, whistle while we work, bypass the gingerbread houses, grandma’s cottage–it’s too fuckin’ late for her anyway–and forget about eating porridge and finding a comfortable bear-bed. Just skip on down the Yellow Brick Road, and get the hell out of those trees and back out into the fuckin’ sunshine!

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