Hi guys,

I have a longer post in the works, on the Great Shed Debate, and the danger of two swirling whirlpools of piss colliding and creating chaos on Earth, but it’s not quite ready, and I’ve been working on the book this afternoon, so it will have to wait till tomorrow.

Today, I’ve been brainstorming on the how do we End Fear Itself.

What techniques can I introduce in the book, and in courses, or camps, to help people deal with their Fears, and become more courageous, happy, and successful.

This is what I’ve come up with so far, and I think the sequence is right, or close to being right anyway:

  1. As in everything, acknowledging that one needs help dealing with Fear or Fears
  2. What Fears do you know you have: your conscious Fears
  3. What are you not doing right now that you want to do, or know you need to do to be successful or happy?
    1. Why?
    2. This step will help uncover the subconscious limiting beliefs that you have.
  4. Writing the Toxins Out: designed to get your negative story on the page so you can…
    1. read it
    2. analyze it
  5. Rewriting Your Story: after reflection on your negative story, how can we apply Gratitude to help rewrite the story as a heroic one?
  6. What’s Your Mission, Your Purpose? I’ll ask you a series of very difficult questions that will uncover your latent abilities, dreams, desires, and goals.
  7. Zen for the Unbendy: How to Turn Down and Off, the Waring Blender of Dog Shit n Crackers, and find peace, happiness, joy, and success, basically, the Holy Fuckin’ Grail. Hopefully, we’ll find it together!

Well, that’s what I’ve been up to this afternoon, or part of it anyway. I’ve also been storming the brain on the many different angles I could take to teach such techniques, and they are numerous, from Golf, to BBQ, & the Dao of Dishes to the Zen of Barhopping.

Stay tuned!

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