Hey Y’all!

Well, this will be a short one today.

Silly Miss Tilly

Silly Miss Tilly!

Had an amazing morning at the West Side Farmers Market! Set a new regular week record, just topping 400, at 402! I know that doesn’t sound like many people, but it’s only our 4th season. Last year our average was 200, up from 140, so we are definitely going in the right direction.

The energy today was amazing, thanks to my good friend, Silly Miss Tilly, the Fixtures, Britt Ross’s smoothies, West Side Summit School, West Side Community Organization, Nick Foster-Walters, and all vendors and volunteers.

This evening, Paysh and I are gonna go to the St. Paul Saints, baseball game. This is our first outing to their field, ever, and we’re looking forward to seeing the new venue, and having popcorn, bratwurst, and beer, smelling the cut grass, listening to the organ, and people watching. I could give a rat’s ass about baseball, actually, but it’s fun to watch live, every once in awhile.

We wouldn’t be going at all if we hadn’t been eating pizza at Black Sheep last night, when the manager came over and gave us two tickets, out of the blue! It should be fun.

Anyway, that’s enough for a Saturday…

Hope you’re having a great one!

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