Hey y’all,

I have no idea what to write about this evening.

The day got away from me, as so many Mondays do, I suppose.

I spent the day playing catch-up on a website I’m building for a good friend and client of mine, and then had a non-profit meeting to go to this afternoon.

Had some leftover, tom yum soup that I made last night, for dinner, then Paysh and I retired to the study to watch the latest episode of Endeavor, on PBS, which is a kick ass show, by the way. It’s the prequel to the Inspector Morse series, also an amazing show, which was the forerunner of Inspector Lewis, another hit that is still running.pumpkin-17662_640

Anyway, not a lot to say because it’s basically bedtime, the carriage smells like pumpkin pie, and the coachmen are gnawing at cheese again. My wicked sisters are bitchin about cleaning the fireplace, and I can’t find my glass slipper, so unless you’re a prince in a frog disguise, I reckon I’ll see you tomorrow with all the other peasants.

Good night from Bag End.

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