How do we end Fear itself?

That’s a question I’ve been asking myself a lot the last few months, and I’ve come across a lot more questions than answers.

Facing our Fears is certainly one way, and a pretty effective one, because Courage kicks Fear’s ass every time. But there are lots of subtle Fears that we don’t even know we have, and those are real killers, show stoppers.

I explored that a bit in a recent post, how Writing the Toxins Out, helps us to identify a few of them, but I’m gonna go further on that in a later article, soon, I promise.

For today, I want to briefly muse upon the idea that focusing on what you don’t want, gets you more of the same: the Law of Attraction.

Sometimes, maybe all the time, when we focus too much, or for too long, on the things that are wrong in our lives or in the world, we just create more of it. It is when we stop resisting those negative things, or emotions, that they disappear.

That’s not to say that we should not identify our Fears. I still think that is the first step in dispelling them. But we shouldn’t dwell on them for very long.

Fear as a Signpostfear as a signpost

Identifying our Fears, or the things we don’t want, should only really serve as a way to point us towards what we DO WANT. This comes back to the idea in my post the other day on Golf is Life: What’s Your Target? What do we want?

Fear can point us in the opposite direction, and only then is it useful to identify, or talk about them. After that, other methods must be applied, like rewriting our story to be one of heroic happiness and joy, instead of a victim of Fate.

I’ll expand on that idea in the next few days.

For now, I’ll leave you with this question:

What do you NOT want in your life, and what is the opposite of that?


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