[This is part 3 of my Golf is Life series. See parts One and Two, if you really want to know how to play golf, and life.]

Sometimes you just have to put it in the hole.

I’m talking about golf, of course. Get it? Golf…Course?

Okay. That was fuckin’ lame, but the first statement is true. It doesn’t matter a damn, how far you can drive the fuckin’ ball down the fairway, or into the lake, or how well you can hit the 5 iron, or even the pitching wedge–though it is more helpful than the driver–if you can’t put the fuckin’ ball in the little hole up there on the green.

Most Important Clubmost important club

It’s an old adage that you “drive for show,” and “putt for go.” It’s old, because it’s true.

If you watch the pros play golf, you will notice that 75% of all their shots are within 150 yards of the hole. 50% of all shots occur right around, or on the green.

So, why is it that when we go to the driving range, we whip out the big stick, the driver that is, and start swinging it all over the place, knocking balls to the left, to the right, and basically wearing ourselves out to ‘master’ the 25% of the game, instead yanking out our putter and heading for the practice green?

The same goes for life, I think.

Most of us spend a shitload of time trying to drive some big project down the road, but can’t figure out how to ‘put it in the hole’ when it comes time for the final polishing, the detail work. We pass that over to someone else, or just slap lipstick on the pig and call it barbecue.

Well, it ain’t fuckin’ BBQ. BBQ doesn’t happen that way, and if you’ve read any of my stuff, you already know that. Golf doesn’t happen that way either. Your buddies ain’t gonna let you have a ‘gimmee’ if you’re ball is in the fairway bunker, or swimmin with the fishes, or 60 feet from the hole, even if it is on the green.

Nope. You have to putt that thang in the hole, man.

So, stop whippin’ out your big stick, and spend some time with your puny putter, and learn how to close the deal!

One thing I know about my golf game, is that I can fuckin’ putt!

I went out this afternoon to play some par 3, down the road, after being away from the game for almost 4 years. Yeah, I sucked at putting the ball on the green, from the tee. My chipping wasn’t all that great either. But I must have one-putted about 5 of the 9 holes, including the last two, which were well over 10 feet long.

Your big stick might get you to the dance floor faster than me, but my putter is gonna take the girl home.

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