I will eventually be financially successful.

I know this to be true, finally. Most of you know that I’ve struggled with this for decades, but I know now what I have to do.

To be successful, I have to show up, every fuckin’ day, and just do the work.

General Nathan Bedford Forrest once told a reporter that his secret to success on the battlefield, during the American Civil War, was to show up “firstest with the mostest.”

Well, I’m not always first to the game, and I don’t always have the most, but I don’t quit. That’s the third part of Forrest’s success, if he had continued the discussion, I’m sure.

Never fuckin’ quit, until the game is truly over, or you’ve decided that it’s time to play a different game. That’s not the same as quitting, though it may look like it from the outside.

We can choose to redirect our efforts, if we deem them to be wasted in a particular direction. But once we choose a new goal, we should show up every day, in some way shape, or form, to work on it.

Not every day will be a great leap forward, and some days might see us rolling down the hill in the opposite direction, but no matter; we are still working on it.

In my line of work, that means writing, every day. Doesn’t matter what it is, really. I need to be writing on The End of Fear Itself, but I’m not, not today. Well, that’s not entirely true. I have been working on some ideas on actual paper, notes that is; I’m just not ready to publish them, or am I?

Fuck it, here they are:

The following is straight from my notes, scribbled out on a blank piece of paper on a clipboard. I did this, this morning while falling asleep in my easy chair, and they are for the last part of the book, that will be dedicated to helping people identify, face, and dispel their Fears.

This part will be in the book, and part of an online (and possibly, live in person) workshop series on dealing with Fear.to be successful

  • How to Identify Your Major Fears

    • What work/project/problem are you avoiding doing/starting/working on, right now?
      • Relationship Issues?
      • Financial problems? bills, debts, taxes, budgeting?
      • Work problems: crappy job, boss, employees, coworkers, need a raise?
      • Health related: exercising, seeing the doctor, the dentist?
      • Educational: returning to school, finishing a degree?
    • Why do you think you are avoiding or putting off doing these things?

That’s it. Not much too it, but it’s the kernal of a chapter on identifying our Fears, which is the first step to dealing with them.

I want to thank my good friend, Justin Finkelstein, for inspiring me this afternoon, to just write what was on my mind at the time, instead of trying to sit here banging out something brilliant. Please check him out on Medium, Soundcloud, and Anchor!


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