Hi guys,

Sorry for the delay in today’s post, and it probably ain’t worth the wait, but here it is any fuckin’ way.

I had 3 Big things to do today:

  1. Clean off my Desk
  2. Write a Blog Article
  3. Figure out how to run my Facebook/BBQ class

I’m writing the article now, at 7:30pm, and after discussing my idea of the class with my girlfriend, I’m not sure I’ll be able to pull it off the way I want, so I guess I’m back to the drawing board on that one, and I never did clean off the fuckin’ desk, so I’m batting .333, but since this article is basically how I failed to finish my Big 3 today, I’m not sure the article really counts as a win, but I’m gonna fuckin’ count it anyway, so deal with it.Meer's Park, St Paul

I did do one fun thing that wasn’t on the list; I went downtown to read and think at Mears Park, and Paysh joined me to have lunch there, which was very nice. I got some walking in, as I then walked up to the library, via Rice Park, and then back to the bus stop to come back over to the West Side.

I spent about 30 minutes talking with a good friend of mine, Bobby Kountz, one of my guests on Second Breakfast, and then it was time to pick Paysh up from work.

I should have just rearranged the Big 3 list to include the things I actually did, but that felt a bit too much like cheating, so I’m leaving it as it is.

See y’all tomorrow.


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