What is Steve Bivans up to today?

Nothing earthshattering. Just some work.

Started the day off by doing some gardening. Duke and I planted some ‘maters in the raised bed, some hostas we got from a neighbor, dug up some burdock, and cleaned up some crap from the driveway.

Most of the morning I’ve been writing up a class that I’m gonna offer on Facebook & BBQ. I know, doesn’t sound like two things that actually go together, but you’d be wrong. They totally do.

I’m gonna offer it to the vendors at the West Side Farmers Market, first, as a trial run. I think it will be fun, and tasty. I make the best ribs there are. Not bragging, just being honest. I’ve had a lot of ribs, and they’re the best.

I’m gonna move out to the front porch this afternoon, with the laptop, and hopefully write some more on The End of Fear Itself.

I’ve been kind of in a holding pattern on that book, lately. I’m not sure exactly how to drop into the book, how to start it, or from what perspective I should approach it. Originally, I was thinking of a 3rd person, journalistic viewpoint, utilizing other people’s stories to examine the topic of Fear. But I’m not sure if I shouldn’t just tell my own story, or parts of it, similar to what I did in Be a Hobbit. Or if I should mix both styles.

Just not sure, and that’s hanging me up. I suppose I should follow my own fuckin’ advice, and “just fuckin’ write!” So, I guess I will do that today, and see what happens.

See y’all tomorrow…

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