This is my Fathers Day Card to all the fathers out there, but especially to the two that are closest to me.

First, is my dad, Sam Bivans.

fathers day

My dad, many years ago, probably at Myrtle Beach, SC

My dad is a saint. He would never agree with that title, and is probably shaking his head right now, but that’s exactly what a saint would do, so he’s only proving my point. There’s no one I know with more compassion for other human beings, or with a more optimistic mind set, than my father. He did manage to pass along the first trait to me. Though I’m not as compassionate as he is–and probably can’t be–he is the model to which I aspire.

As for his optimism, I’m working on it, but have a long way to go if I ever hope to be in the same region as my father. My dad has always lived by the motto, “If you can’t say anything good, say nothing at all.” But he can always find something good to say, about the most insidious of all people, and beyond.

Once, when I was a child, I challenged him on this point, by suggesting that he could find something good to say about the Devil himself. My father is a retired minister, Salvation Army Officer, to be exact. I thought I was being quite clever by trapping him into a corner.

“Well, he’s certainly persistent.” my dad shot back, with a grin.

Dad 1, Steve 0


My next tribute goes to my girlfriend’s father, Greg Felt,

who–along with his lovely wife, Linda, and the entire Felt clan–has taken me in as one of his own.

He and I have worked together on many projects around our house: gutters, rain barrels, raised beds, compost bins, a fire pit, surveying the yard, retaining walls, bringing in loads of mulch and compost, fixing the garden gate, not to mention him lying under my back deck for hours, fixing a rotted seal plate on the back corner of the house and pouring a new concrete slab.

If I included everything, this would not be a blog post, but a tome of immense proportions, but you get the idea. Greg is a retired Army and civil engineer, and one of those dads it’s nice to have around, because he can fix ANYthing, and has the tools to do it. And besides that, he can also do a really mean Pork Chop Dance! Just check it out below! This was on our trip to the Porcupine Mts in Michigan last fall, and is a moment we will all remember, probably forever.

Love you Greg. Thank you for all you’ve done for us, and are already planning to do in the near future! Happy Fathers Day!

And HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all of the fathers out there, including myself!


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