Linda Jordan Bivans

My mom. Linda Jordan, probably 1st grade.

I love my mom.

I was gonna write a long story about her today, but time is running short, so this short tribute will have to do for now. And I’ve written about her so much, that if you’ve been reading along for the last 4 years, you probably already feel like you know her.

She has a critical eye, a sharp wit, sharper sense of justice, takes no crap, and will set things straight faster than you can spit. I once referred to her as “The Hammer of Evil” which is not the same thing as an Evil Hammer. Nope. If she sees something that ain’t right, she’s not gonna let it lie. Ohhhh no! That ain’t gonna fly. If you think it will, you got another think comin’!

Thankfully, she passed all of those traits along to me, either via DNA, or many days of learnin’. Trust me, I received a PhD in common sense from my mother, along with all those other lessons, and I thank her for it every day, even if I don’t call every day–I’m a son, after all. We kind of suck at the whole communications thing.

But here is my feeble attempt at a tribute to my amazing mother, Linda Jordan Bivans.

Thank you mom. I love you,


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