Hey Y’all!

Just wanted to post something quick this morning, since I don’t have much time to write something profound and inspiring, like an article on smashing my dick with a hammer.

Why am I in a hurry this morning?

Because Paysh and I are headed out of town for a couple of days. Nowhere particularly exciting: not Jamaica, or Germany, or Japan. Just Bemidji.

Where the Fuck is Bemidji?

It’s in Minnesota, up Nort’ as they say ’round here.Bemidji

Why are we going there? Just for some work stuff that Paysh has to do this time of year. Basically drive by shootings of some of the properties she manages. PHOTO shootings, just in case you were getting the wrong idea.

Not sure if there’s anything much to see or do in Bemidji, other than this very artsy sculpture of Paul Bunyun and his Blue Ox, Babe! It’s not exactly Wally-fuckin-World, that’s for sure, but probably more interesting than the world’s largest ball of string.

As for the language, just think of the movie Fargo and you’ll be close to the mark. Except that it’s summer, so we won’t be running anyone through a tree chipper onto a frozen lake or anything. But the accents are about the same, I think. I’ve never actually been to Bemidji before, so I don’t really know.

I’ll report back when I can. Look for an update tomorrow morning! It’ll be fuckin’ RIVETING, I’m sure.

Day 40 of the Year Long Daily Blog saga…



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