[UPDATE: I chose a new theme/template for the website, so now you CAN actually read this post where I’m bitchin about the fact that you can’t read it]

Hi guys,

Here’s my daily blog article, but thanks to the fact that the developer of this particular WordPress theme is a moron, you can’t actually read it, because the fuckin’ website menu is covering up these notsobrilliant words.

Instead of writing something worth fuckin’ reading, I had to spend the entire morning trying to fix this issue, and failed. So here it is: some more nothingness, sponsored by a computer geek that doesn’t know how to do his job and wasted my entire morning, and probably the rest of the day either continuing to search for a solution for his laziness, or finding a different WordPress theme, which will take an entire day to set up anyway.

How fuckin’ awesome is that? A whole shit-ton of fuckin’ awesome.

That was sarcasm, in case it didn’t come across in text… Or in case you were reading this in a web browser, where the fuckin’ menu obscured the entire thing anyway. If you’re on your phone, I apologize for the lack of actual content this morning. Hopefully, I’ll actually be able to fuckn’ WRITE tomorrow, instead of doing some geek’s job for him.

This is Day 37 of the Year Long, Daily Blog Saga…



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