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Day 28, Not Much to Say…

This is Day 28 of my Year Long, Daily Blog experiment, or journey, or excursion, or whateverthefuckyouwannnacallit.

And…. I don’t have shit to say.

Not much anyway.

We’ve had a fairly good holiday weekend, though it didn’t start out so great. We had a funeral to go to on Thursday. Friday, Patience worked from home, but woke up feeling a bit rough, so much so that we ended up in the emergency room that evening. Thankfully, nothing life-threatening, but she’s still not feeling well. Saturday was rainy, which was okay, because we were all a bit worn down from the week and needed to rest anyway.

Sunday turned out to be nice and sunny, and we spent the afternoon at a pool party with the entire Felt clan, Patience’s family. I should say, my family, because they are part of mine now, or I’m part of theirs. That was nice: brats and burgers, and gin buckets! I’m gonna have to get and share that recipe with ya; it’s fuckin’ amazing on a hot summer day.

Memorial Day was pretty quiet for us. We tried to take it easy a bit.

I’m writing in the kitchen this morning because Paysh is finding it very difficult to sleep lying down, so she’s in the office, in the recliner with her heating pad.

Punkin' in a basket

Punkin’ in a basket

The Viking Pirates are sleeping somewhere, since they’ve received their morning tribute–dry food, which they think is lame and inadequate. Squish is in a basket in the kitchen; I’m not sure where Punkin is. Bubble is asleep upstairs, probably in Duke’s room.

I’m just sitting, bathed in the blue-light of my MacBook, in the kitchen, trying to write something that qualifies as a daily blog post. I suppose this does. Brilliance will come another day.

Till then…


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  1. Well I like this daily challenge you’re doing… I just sent you an anchor way of asking about any meet ups coming up soon…

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