“I’ve never looked into the eye of a human being and was like, ‘That’s an evil person.’ I’m sure there’s probably some evil people out there, but I think we’re just all kind of like, hurt children.”

My guest this week on Second Breakfast with Steve Bivans, is another of my good friends from the Anchor community, my newest Shire: Justin Finkelstein.

Justin and I met on Anchor almost as soon as I joined, and we became fast friends.

He has an innate sense of compassion and insight, and he delivers this every day while walking to work in the heart of Manhattan, the blare of car horns, the noise of traffic, subway trains, jackhammers, and the voices of New Yorkers banging away in the background.

I was so happy when he agreed to have Second Breakfast with me, and we were finally able to schedule it around both of our busy lives.

This conversation is brings a slightly new format to the show. I’m still sitting in my office chair at Bag End, while the sun is sinking into the west, leaving me bathed in nothing more than the light of my desk lamp, while Justin–in true Finkelstein form, armed with his iPhone–took to the streets of his city for a long walk.

As we discussed our relationship on Anchor, the power of Gratitude, and then importance of authentic human communication– “saying what needs to be said” to strengthen our key relationships, and topics like the End of Fear Itself, whirlpools of piss, positive and negative feedback loops, and the end game for writers and creative people (there isn’t one, just so you know)–Justin strolled along the Hudson River, sat down on park benches with the lights of the New York Skyline and the Empire State Building in the background.

Not only will you watch and hear an amazing conversation, you’ll get to hear what makes Steve Bivans, the writer, tick. And, Justin reveals what his dream job would be–and it’s NOT what he’s doing currently.

So, pop some popcorn, pour yourself a cold drink of some kind–you know what mine is probably gonna be–relax, kick back, and let Justin do your exercise for you! You’re gonna love this one, I guarantee it!


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