Today turned out different than I planned.

I had planned to blog about visualizing success and the Law of Attraction, to work on changing the theme and look of my website, as well as some stuff for the West Side Farmers Market.

But the planned changed when Silly Miss Tilly arrived about 9am.

It’s not like we hadn’t penciled in today, last week, but she hadn’t confirmed it, or answered my text from last night, so I figured she must be busy, and so I decided to work on other stuff. Then the knock came at the door, and Bubble began to bark from upstairs–like she does whenever anything happens outside–and there at my door was my good friend, Amber Corbett, aka, Silly Miss Tilly.

I ushered her in, made some coffee–she’s big on the Java–and we sat down to talk about setting up a Patreon account, so that all of her wonderful fans can support what she does, even if they aren’t hiring her to create balloon animals at birthday parties. I’ll let you know when her page goes live, but I wanted to touch on something else that occurred today, that neither of us thought about, until I was about to sit down to finally write my daily blog article.

One of the best ways to fight Fear, in this world, is with Generosity. When we decide to do something for someone else–without expectation of receiving anything in return–we create an amazing positive feedback loop: kick ass karma, I would call it, or a big ole, Southern, fluffy, Karma Biscuit, with honey AND butter! And positive karma then feeds back on the other person, and anyone that happens to witness the act. It sets off little ripples in the ocean of human emotion, that will wash up on some distant shore.

Now, I could have told Amber that today wasn’t a good day, but I wouldn’t do that, not to a friend on my doorstep. So we spent the day working on things to help her increase her income, in the long run anyway.

My part was to guide her through the process of setting up her Patreon account,

while simultaneously creating the first Silly Miss Tilly, merchandise storefront, complete with T-shirts, baby bibs, water bottles, tote bags, and coffee mugs! I’ve recently set up my own, so I developed the basic skills to pull it off, and while it did take me the better part of the day to do it all, I felt good about it, and it’s now LIVE on her site!

If you’re a fan of Silly Miss Tilly, as I am, then do check out the new merchandise (more designs to follow, soon) and buy a T-shirt or something, today!

While you’re at it, you can buy one of mine, too.




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