Hello friends,

It’s Day 19 of the Year Long, Daily Blogging Experiment…

And today, I’m running behind this morning already, so I’m gonna kill two birds, with one stone–not that I kill birds, I don’t, but it’s a metaphor, and I love metaphors–by combining my daily blog article with my To Do List for the week, or at least how I see it at the moment.

Steve will be attempting to cross these items off his list this weekto do list

  • Fix my mailchimp, email account; there’s a hitch in it.
  • Clean up my website. There are several things that need to be done.
    • Find a more efficient template
  • Continue writing on End of Fear Itself
  • Set up mybooktable plugin on website
  • Write up volunteer information for Growing West Side–my neighborhood organization
  • Growing West Side newsletter for Monday
  • Facebook post on Monday, about opening day at the West Side Farmers Market
  • Organize the stall map for the Farmers Market; make sure I have spaces for all the vendors
    • start organizing for the Opening Day Party
  • Go live with my Patreon account! Probably on Tuesday
    • Set up my exclusive T-shirt store for my Patreon supporters
  • Think more about my idea, Second Thoughts from Second Breakfast, which I think will be very short videos of me talking about ideas from my Second Breakfast show, or whatever comes to mind
  • Edit and release Episode 4 of Second Breakfast with Steve: Justin Finklestein! You’re gonna love this one.
  • Record Second Breakfast with Jamie Rautenberg, which should be amazing
  • Finish a PowerPoint, slide show for Paysh’s Grandfather’s funeral which takes place on Thursday
    • Get video camera ready to film the ceremony
  • Take naps with the Viking Pirate Kitties, and Bubble
  • Eat Second Breakfast every day
  • Meditate to find a Zen for the Unbendy

That should be enough to keep me busy till next Monday, I reckon…


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