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Lovely Day at Bag End

Day 18 of the Year Long, Daily Blog Experiment…

Yesterday, Saturday, was a lovely day at Bag End.

We began the day with ham, egg, n swiss sandwiches, which was Paysh’s first breakfast, and my Second–I had some toast earlier.

Then she cleaned the breakfast dishes, and went outside to water our seed starts and mess around in the garden, while I sat down to write for an hour on The End of Fear Itself.

When I finished writing, she cleaned up a bit, while I threw a spade, a rake, and a garden trowel in the back of the car, on a tarp, to go to the community garden and finally clean up our plot.IMG_4369 Growing West Side was also holding a plant exchange for neighbors in the area. We cleaned up our plot, which was chock full of strawberry plants that we planted a couple years ago, and now have taken over half or more of the box, among all the dead tomato and tomatillo vines, and burdock. We pulled out all the dead, and the burdock, and then picked up a couple of tomato starts from the exchange, planted them, and went home with a bunch of tiger lillies, a raspberry plant, and a bleeding heart, as well as six sweet pepper starts.

We spent the rest of the morning planting the lillies beside the driveway, behind our hostas. I moved two large hostas from the boulevard to the end of the driveway, we watered everything, and then I broke out our battery-powered weed whipper, and cut the weeds growing up around the back yard, and the tiny patch of grass growing around the two front beds. Then we were done! It as only about noon, by then.

Paysh made me a couple of ham and cheese wraps with raspberry-jalapeno jam–which were really good, and she had a couple of veggie, egg rolls. IMG_4389We ate lunch on the veranda–that’s a the back deck, but it sounds fancier if you call it a veranda–where we listened to birds chirping, dogs barking, lawnmowers roaring, and children laughing in the distance: the sounds of late spring. It was wonderful, actually.

Then I took a shower, followed by Paysh, who opted for a tubby, while I sat down to work on my Patreon page–more on that tomorrow.

We spent the early afternoon in that way, tubbies, work, then sitting on the front porch, drinking South Farthing Sweet Iced Tea under the ceiling fan, watching neighbors walk by, listening to the sound of a Bobcat doing some demo at a neighbors house up the street, and the sound of highway traffic that somehow travels over a mile to reach our ears, all the way from Hwy 52.

The evening was even better–which was a tall order. Our next door neighbors, the Fiebiches came over for dinner, which consisted of burgers on the grill, salsa and chips, cilantro rice, and several pina coladas, and margaritas! Ahhhhh yeah.

The day ended with Paysh and I back on the front porch, where we met a couple more neighbors, Melanie and China, who were walking by and complimented my ‘Food not Lawns’ sign that resides in my lower terrace, where we had kale planted last year, and probably will again this summer.

It was a lovely day, all in all.


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