This is my daily, year long, blog article for today.

It’s day 13, which is fitting, as you’ll see.

This installment of the experiment is absolutely worthless crap, because I got up a bit late—4:45am—so I’m writing this short little thing to say that I’m not writing a long thing today.

Deal with it. Some days, I’m not so fuckin’ brilliant.

Sue me.

If my writing were the ocean, and each blog article part of a wave in that ocean, then this would be the trough of one of the waves.

Yesterday’s article—which was far superior, I admit—would be the crest of the wave. Go back and read it, or read one of my earlier masterpieces; don’t waste anymore time reading this shit.

I wouldn’t.

I’ll have something brilliant for you tomorrow: another crest, though probably not a surf to the beach kind of wave. Who knows.

Better yet, let’s just skip Tuesday and go to Wednesday?

Nahhhh. Today will be okay, once I get my ass moving and motivated.

I’m working on setting up my Patreon account this week, so look forward to that. I’ll be asking you for your money soon enough…

See y’all tomorrow.

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