Day 9….

Some days, I just don’t give a fuckin’ shit.

This morning is one of them.

No need to go into the details, but it’s a whirlpooly, piss day, and I’d rather smack myself with a hammer than do anything. But I’m sure I’ll get something done, because I hate to fuckin’ quit.

Some days, it just sucks to be a writer who isn’t ‘there’ yet. And no, I’m not making excuses; just laying down the facts. It’s tough to write, to record, produce videos, to volunteer in the community, to do anything, when the bills roll in, the dishes pile up, the dust collects, the laundry mounds, the basement floor is covered in cat piss, and there’s not enough cash flowing in.

It’s a fuckin’ whirlpool of piss, some days. This is one of them.toilet maxresdefault

I guess I’ll go do some fuckin’ Dao of Dishes, wash some laundry, scrub some urine, and then get back to work and stop whining.

Have a nice day. I’ll see you tomorrow.



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