Day 6 of the Year Long, Daily Blog…

I spent Mothers Day in Margaritaville.IMG_4254

Yesterday was a great day. The sun was shining, the high temp was in the mid 70s, with a breeze, and I had tequilla.

Paysh, Duke, and I drove down to the Felt compound, in Shakopee, for a great lunch of grilled, beef & chicken fajitas, courtesy of Paysh’s sister, April, who did a smashup job on them, even if she is a white girl from Yankeeland.


Paysh and I got into the grillin’, as well, when we took up the job of heating up the tortilla shells. She laid’em on and brushed them with olive oil, while I did the flippin’ and stackin’.

This worked out great for me, because it only required one hand—my right—freeing up my left to hold my margarita glass.

The margaritas were mixed to perfection by Paysh’s other sister, Heidi, IMG_4258who has become quite the bartender of late. She created a batch, or two, of boozy, lime margaritas, as well as a virgin, strawberry batch, for the kids.

Don’t tell anyone, but I think I had like 10 of the lime ones, before I realized that mixing about 8 parts lime to 2 parts strawberry was the dream concoction. YUM!

IMG_4265After lunch, we did the obligatory photo session, which only took like 2 hours—Linda (Dee) loves her photos…

Then we had desert, IMG_4266and Paysh made one of my favorites—and everyone else’s—her Chocolate Poke Cake, complete with chocolate whipped cream topping! It’s off the charts, man.

IMG_4281Then I sat down to another margarita, or ten, on their screened in porch, where the moms all opened gifts and cards, complete with the traditional, mommy tears and stuff.

All in all, a great day.



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