Day 5 of my Year Long, Daily Blog…

This morning I want to write a short thing about moms. After all it’s Mothers Day.
Personally, I think that Mothers Day is one of the most worthy of holidays we celebrate. Without my mother, I wouldn’t be here. Stands to reason, I guess.

Without further adieu, I want to pay a short tribute, my Mothers Day Card, if you will, to the moms closest to me.

Top of the list, is my own mother, of course: Linda Bivans.

Linda Bivans: my favorite picture of her

Linda Bivans: my favorite picture of her

Happy Mothers Day, mom! From you I learned to be self-reliant, independent, and to see the world from ground, up, from a human level. I owe much of my logical, analytical abilities, to you. Thank you for everything you’ve ever done for me. I love you very much.

My girlfriend, Patience, paysh n me10308071_10154391591660461_1431304045101875978_n

is next because she’s amazing in so many ways, but as a mother, she is the best. And that means being a mom to me, not just Duke, her son. She takes care of us all when we’re sick, or lazy, or cranky, and she makes the best chocolate chip cookies, cornbread, and pancakes in the Universe…hint, hint…. I love you sgdmfcswbad (and no, I’m not going to translate that for you, the reader)

Closest to my heart, always, is my daughter, Samantha, sam10898254_10152678131761936_8527180386625377381_n

who may not have human children, yet, but she is the greatest, Critter-Mama in history! I’m not even sure how many animals she has in her house, but she has at least 4 cats, 2 dogs—one of which is like a combo of the Tasmanian Devil & Cocaine—and a snake, yeah, a snake. sam and her snake12472476_10153652204881936_788860640357768541_nI hate snakes. They have their place in nature, but not in my house. But Sam loves all creatures. She’s Ellie Mae Clampett in real life. She argued that the snake was cute. I counter argued that if a snake could be cute, EVERYTHING in the Universe is cute. sam n tara1504542_10151933285096936_1849565552_nShe didn’t disagree. Her bar of ‘cuteness’ is pretty freakin’ low, is all I’m sayin’. She is an amazing teacher, too, and very much like a mom to her students, not just to her menagerie at home. I love you very much, and I’m very proud of you, sweetie, even if you think snakes are cute. Probably precisely because you do.

Paysh’s mom, Linda Felt (affectionately known as, Dee),

has taken me into her family and made me feel very much at home in Yankeeland, even if she and the Felts do all talk funny, erroneously call a casserole, a hot-dish. Dee n younguns10428486_836241076405790_6768351335611953084_nShe is always caring, considerate, and protective of her children and grandchildren, and she has been the delivery person for hugs and kisses from my own mother—who sends them via Facebook messenger. I will be sending a kiss and hug back to my mom, today, when we go over to the Felt house for Mothers Day. Love you, too, Dee!

I want to also say Happy Mothers Day to my Aunt Nettie Jo, nettie jo10462512_10202495039798525_211345036532473044_n

who passed away last month. She was an amazing, and funny lady, who will be missed, but never really ‘gone’. Personalities such as she embodied, can never really go away. They live within us, forever.

And to all the mothers, everywhere on Earth, be they human, or animal, I say,

Happy Mothers Day!




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