Today, May 4th, 2016, I begin a year long journey.

I have finished designing my goals for the year of 2016 and into 2017.

I recently read Napoleon Hill’s, now ancient book, Think and Grow Rich, in which he says to write out your short term goals and read them twice daily, until you can bring them to mind without reading. I’ve just finished doing that.

Thanks to that exercise, and the challenge from another writer on Medium yesterday, I have my goals set. And here are three of them:

Thanks to Jonas Ellison on Medium, I’m going to write a blog article, per day, for a year. I do not know exactly where it will lead, but we’re gonna find out, together. Should be interesting, or boring, and probably both, depending on the day and what’s rolling around in my mind at the time.

Another thing I have committed to doing, is something I’ve written about recently in my How I Write series, that is, to write for at least one hour per day. I’m also going to do that for the next year. There are a couple of reasons why I commit to the hour per day. One, is that I’m a writer; writers are supposed to fuckin’ write. So, here I am, at my keyboard, skull on the desk, writing.

I have two books I will write and publish this year: The End of Fear Itself, End of Fear mock cover red accents torn borderwhich I’m going to publish live on Amazon on September 22nd—you heard it here first—and I’ve just decided, (seriously, like right now) that I’m going to publish the How I Write series into a book by December 1st. Yeah, I just picked that date out of the air a second ago. But there’s nothing like deadlines to get one going. So there they are! September 22nd, and December 1st.

I’m actually further along on the writing book, than on the Fear one, but I’m getting ready to ramp up that, but writing every day for an hour.

The thing about writing for an hour everyday, is that after awhile, it takes on its own momentum, and I begin to find more and more time to devote to writing during the day. The hardest part of any task, is the beginning. Once it’s begun, you’re moving down the track, and the inertia is broken.

So, that’s it for my daily blog post. Keep your eyes peeled for more, every day. It should be a wild and wooly ride to reach those deadlines. Hang on Hobbits….


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