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Happy Holidays Hobbits!: Beating the Bag End, Years End Blues

It’s snowing.

At least for the moment it is.

Who knows what it’ll be like on Christmas Day. Probably mud and slop. But for now, there are snowflakes falling down.

Christmas is always a tough time for me. There, I said it. Maybe you’re one of those happy holiday hobbits, running around in a reindeer hat, and a wreath on the grill of your car, with blow-up Santas and Bumbles in your front yard, Clark W. Grizwold light display all over your house. Not me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not exactly Ebeneezer Scrooge-Sackville-Baggins or anything. stevexmasIMG_3110 copyWe put up a tree, and some lights, throw one of the best parties ever: the Southern Fried, Yankee Yule Cooking Contest. And we give gifts, mostly things we make ourselves: chocolate chip cookies, caramel ‘crack corn, citrus rubs, etc. Sometimes I even make jars of my BBQ Sauce. On Christmas Eve, I put on my Santa Hat with faux leopard print, my kilt, and I go out to drink a few beers at the Green Dragon, buy a couple of gifts, then come back home, or go to the Outlaw’s (is that what you call them when you’re not technically married?)

There are things about the season I love, but at almost 50 years old, and having gone through 2 divorces, moved 1500 miles away my daughter and the rest of my blood kin, it’s a tough time of year. On top of that, one of my cousins died of cancer suddenly, on the 21st, and his mom, my aunt, is fighting cancer herself. Add to that the fact that I’m a writer/farmers market manager—which means I’m too broke to pay attention—the frustration with Christmas gets a bit much some days. It’s enough to drive a man to drink, and sit in a chair staring at the wall while listening to Sarah McLachlin Christmas tunes, contemplating a long skate on some very thin, river ice. Luckily, I really suck at ice skating, the Mississippi isn’t frozen over yet—thanks to El Nino—and I love myself a bit too much.

One of the reasons the season is so tough for me these days, I think, is because due to all the life disruptions in my adult life, most of my old traditions have disappeared, and Paysh and I have had a difficult time building new ones, due to various factors. But I think we’re gonna work on it. Might be a bit late for this year, though I’m gonna give it a 2 minute warning, good-ole college try, the next couple of days, to see what can be salvaged.

Tuesday the 22nd was a bitch of a day for me; I was really down.  But yesterday (the 23rd) I felt a turn. I decided to focus on doing some things for other people I know. I cranked up some happy Christmas tunes, so loud the windows were shakin’, and got busy wrapping up some things for people. IMG_3060A couple of them will get paperback copies of the book—luckily for them, I still had a few in my closet. Some will get some caramel corn, or citrus scrubs that Paysh makes. Some will just get a call from me, which is of course, worth its weight in gold—it doesn’t actually weigh anything.

This morning, Christmas Eve, I’m gonna put the kilt on, grab the few gifts I have to hand out, get out there and drop them on doorsteps. Then I’m gonna have a beer or two—if I can scrape up the coin and my long-hoarded-bar-token (it’s somewhere in my bedroom), and head to Bennett’s, otherwise known as the Green Dragon Inn. Then I’ll pick up my pretty lady from Scrooge-Saruman’s office—she works for a bank. Then we’re headed to her parent’s house for dinner, and hopefully to 2 or 3 evening parties in our Shire, the West Side.

Anyway, I promise I’ll get back to writing more articles in 2016, and, I’m working on a NEW BOOK! Yes! Stay tuned for that one. You don’t wanna miss it.

Until next week…. IMG_3017


Steve Bivans is a FearLess Life & Self-Publishing Coach, the author of the Amazon #1 Best Sellers, Vikings, War and the Fall of the Carolingians,The End of Fear Itself, and the epic-length, self-help, sustainability tome, Be a Hobbit, Save the Earth: the Guide to Sustainable Shire Living, If you want to learn how write and self-publish a book to best-seller status, crush your limitations and Fears, and disrupt the status quo, contact Steve for a free consultation to see how he can help you change the world! CONTACT STEVE


  1. I love the sound of those homemade gifts! I am sure they will be appreciated by anyone lucky enough to receive them as will the lucky recipients of your book.

    I totally understand the loss of our traditions and being miles away from kith and kin. Making new traditions is important. Let’s face it, all traditions were invented by someone sometime, why not make our own?

    I am taking solace in Northern Folklore this year… Time to fill the drinking horn and tell tall tales while the wild hunt rages overhead… Odin on his eight legged horse leading an army of the dead puts a nice spin on the season for me…

    Enjoy your festivities, stay away from the river and I’m looking forward to your new book!


    • Thanks H.J.! Hope you had a happy Christmas Day! Yes, we started making homemade stuff last year, mostly as a product of the process of writing Be a Hobbit. I’ve been disillusioned with the so-called ‘traditional’ traditions in America for a long time. Mostly, they are just projections from the Baby Boomer generation, who latched onto Consumerism with lustful enthusiasm, thanks to the propaganda/advertising blitz that hit after WWII. The world is suffering the effects of that period, today. In deed, we may only just NOW be realizing just how destructive Consumerism and Capitalism has been.

      It’s always tough to be away from our blood families this time of year. Luckily, we have social media, cell phones, and other ways to connect, though it isn’t the same as being there. My drinking horn is also full. The river is great to look upon, but I’ve no hankerin’ to jump in. lol

  2. Merry Yuletide greetings to you too!
    I’m halfway through your book and becoming more and more enraged as I read (in a good way!). I’m looking forward to your next one.
    xx Katie (a kickstarter Hobbit)

    • Hi Katie!
      I”m sooo sorry for the ridiculous delay in responding. It was a crazy winter, lots of stuff going on, and working on new ideas for the next book. Thank you for taking the time to read Be a Hobbit, and for the feedback! Let me know when you finish it, and what you think. The end is much more encouraging than the beginning, I assure you, lol. Keep walking and you’ll get out of Mordor eventually. I just posted an article on my next book project, The End of Fear Itself, which will be an extension of my chapter on the Two Towers, where I talk about Fear as a root cause of human problems. I intend to ‘take on Fear’ head on. Thanks again for the response! I’ll try to be quicker next time!

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