The Good Food Revolution: Growing Healthy Food, People, and CommunitiesThe Good Food Revolution: Growing Healthy Food, People, and Communities by Will Allen

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I’m a largely unknown evangelist for the Food Revolution. If you’re not reading this review on my blog, then you probably have no clue who I am. That’s okay. I’ll tell you something anyway.

If there is one thing of which I am certain, it is the centrality of Food to everything on Earth. Without food, there would be no life, including human life. Food IS the most important thing on Earth, except maybe water, but you can’t eat that, or at least you can’t survive on water alone. At some point, at least by time second-breakfast rolls around, you’re gonna want some protein, and maybe a few veggies.

When put that way, the centrality of Food sounds like a no-brainer, but not if we look at what we, as a species, have done to our own food supply: spraying it with toxic chemicals, processing the life out of it, shipping it half the way around the world when we could grow it in our own back yard. Food, the way we produce it, ship it, store it, sell it, buy it, cook it, and eat it, is the root of all the problems on the planet. Trust me, it is. Since it is, it is also the root of the solution to all those problems.

Will Allen won’t tell you all that—though he does allude to much of it—but what he will tell ya, is the story of his life and how the growing of food became the motivation to get up every morning. What Mr. Allen has done in Milwaukee is nothing short of amazing; he’s built a farm, in the middle of a major, U.S. city! And he did it with little money, and little outside support. How? With lots of grit, bravery, determination, and love. Will Allen is saving the planet, and showing the rest of us how to do it in the process.

His farm feeds thousands of people every year and has become a model for how a small group of people can affect change in their community. His story will make you cry—even I did, and I’m a big ole, masculine, burly type of guy (like Will), even if I’m 7 inches shorter than he is—and it will make you cheer for joy. It’s a hell of a story, and an essential read if you’re a human, love to eat, love your community, and want to make a positive difference in your world.

I won’t give away the whole story; it’s too good to spoil. What I will do is leave you with some of Will’s advice. Don’t just sit around talking about doing something to make your world a better place. “Don’t be a ‘think tank’” Allen says, “Be a ‘Do Tank’.” So read the book, and then get to doin’ somethin’. Plant some veggies and change the world!

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