Think Like a Commoner: A Short Introduction to the Life of the CommonsThink Like a Commoner: A Short Introduction to the Life of the Commons by David Bollier

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Did you know that there are corporations that want to monetize and monopolize the water resources of our planet? Are you aware that others are working quietly to dominate our food supply, our communications, our news, our highways, and the energy that keeps the lights on?

David Bollier reveals how the corporate world is encroaching upon and usurping the resources that were once held in Common by the citizens of Earth. If you want to know how international corporations operate, this is a good book for you. But David’s message isn’t all Doom n Gloom. He also gives us hope by showing how ordinary people are resisting these efforts by creating new commons. This is an essential read if you want to know where our world is headed and want to be part of shaping that future.

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