Happy Hour is 9 to 5 Alexander KjerulfHappy Hour is 9 to 5: How to Love your Job, Love your Life, and Kick Butt at Work by Alexander Kjerulf

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Are you a business owner? a manager? an employee? Odds are you’re one or more of these. If so, then you must read this book. If you aren’t happy at work, or think that you’re supposed to be, then you REALLY need to read it.

Kjerulf argues that Happiness IS the goal of work, but that very few of us are reaching that goal. This isn’t just some hippie, huggy-wuggy book about singing Kum By Yah and patting each other on that back. Hell no! This book lays out the model for real business success. It turns out that happy employees mean higher productivity, and profits.

In other words, if your company isn’t putting your employees’ happiness FIRST, then you will be LEFT BEHIND and buried by the companies that do. The numbers don’t lie; companies with happy employees are vastly more profitable than those with grumpy, overworked, and unhappy ones.

Read this book, or start thinking about your bankruptcy plan. It’s that simple.

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